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100 years of establishment in Ayurveda and having experienced expert Ayurvedic Doctors (below benefits of online consultation)

Consult to Doctors

Connect instantly with our specialist Ayurvedic expert Doctors

Convenient and Easy

Start an instant consultation within 30 minutes and consultation at specific time

Similar Clinic Experience

Connect instantly with our specialist Ayurvedic expert Doctors

Free Follow-up

Get a valid prescription and free follow-up for further clarifications

100% Safe Consultation

Be assured that your online consultaion will be fully private adn secured.

25+ Specialities

Consult with top doctors across specialities

Cough & Cold

Sore Throat


Gastro intestinal disease


Men’s Health /Sexual health

Allergy & immunity / Infection

Women’s health

Bone Disease

Liver problems

Kidney Disease



Irregular periods


Zandu Tele Consult Testimonial


I am diabetic for years. I am very regular with my doctor and I visited him frequently and my sugar was improved and controlled . Appreciations to this pandemic I was enforced to look for online consultation and then got my consultation with Dr. Meghna She changed a my perception of online consultation and ayurvedic medicines , now my Sugar is controlled and gradually I am depending on ayurvedic medicines.

Good Discounts...

I have recently contacted to Zandu by filling form , I got call from their representative, they fixed my appointment with Ayurvedic doctors. My overall experience is good and satisfied with the consultation and counselling.

Customer service……

I have ordered some products from Zandu toll free, they provided me good discounts and payment method is very easy

Good & Supportive Doctors

I have started my treatment with Zandu online, Doctor is very polite and supportive I am getting regular follow-up calls and I can speak to Doctor whenever I feel

# No Need to go anywhere #

Thank you Zandu for providing free online consultation in this COVID-19 pandemic where we have to think before visiting to hospitals.

Consultation from home

Highly recommended in this pandemic situation as there is no need to visit to hospitals for consultation or treatment and medical store for medicines.


I am pleased to use the tele medication platform , my consultation went very well with the Doctor as I am suffering from Thyroid and PCOD and after that I faced sudden increase in my weight . I had started my treatment from Zandu online doctor and now I am getting good results in my health and weight.


Our Panel Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Trisha

BAMS (Exp. : 6+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi,English,Punjabi,Bhojpuri

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Dr. Hindika Bhagat

BAMS (Exp. : 4+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi,English,Punjabi

View Profile

Dr. Meghna Swami

BAMS (Exp. : 2+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi,English

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Dr. Krati Gautam

BAMS (Exp. : 2+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi,English

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Dr. Yogesh Kumar

BAMS (Exp. : 11+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi

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Dr. Sandeep Tripathee

BAMS (Exp. : 12+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi

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Dr. Vipin Bihari Sharma

BAMS (Exp. : 16+ years)

Pref. language : Hindi,English,Marathi

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Still delaying your health concern?

Connect with India's doctor online


A- Online consultation is totally authentic , Now a days more focus is given on blood reports, CT Scan and Mri scans, If our doctor will feel like suggesting you any test , they can suggest you online also.
Moreover you can discuss every aspect of your disease with the doctor in online conulstation which is not always possible in normal OPD's
Regular follow up will be done by our team once you start the treatment from our doctor

A- Any medicine if consumed after doctors consultation is safe and more effective.
Ayurvedic medicine generally work in combination with each other and that can be suggested by ayurvedic doctor only , whic we are providing you through this portal.
Online portals do maintain your proper history and prescription , making easier for regular follow ups

A- We are having tie-ups with different courrier companies for shipping medicines.
Proper invoice of medicine and hard copy of prescription is available with medicines.
Both online prepayment and Cash on delivery options are available with us.

A- Medicine above 500 rs costing do not carry any shipment charges , although medicine costing below rs 500 carry shipment charge of rs 50 with it.

A- Yes why not , Ayurvedic medicines are very much safe for kidney patient but do first consult Ayurvedic doctor and then start under there guidance.
Recovery chances can also be explained by doctor only , because every case of dialysis is not same.

A- Ayurvedic medicine do carry potential to rectify Life style disorders, For that a good doctor And good medicines are needed. Moreover doctor will suggest you diet chatrt and cahnge in life routine with help of which you can control your diabetes and hypertension issues.

A- Not all ayurvedic medicine contain metal. And even if metal is there they are totally purified and healthy to consumed.

A- Yes ayurvedic and allopathic medicines can be taken simultaneosly , but would recommend you to keep difference of 30 minutes in taking allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

A- Ayurveda works on both acute and chronic diseses, matter of fact is reach to ayurvedic doctor. In online consulation you if you can wait for 4-5 days we can provide you medicines for both. And if our doctor will like its surgical case then they will guide you accordingly.

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